San's Song (サンの歌, Sun no uta) is a song sung by San in the anime Mamotte! Lollipop.

English LyricsEdit

Oh little birdie flies away
Bad birdie, bad birdie, should learn to stay
Turn back and fly home to me
You'll be alone here, it's where you should be
Why did you try to leave me here all alone?
And if you don't do just as I say
I'll take your wings then you can't fly away


WOMAN 1: That little girl frightens me.

WOMAN 2: They say she’s cursed.

WOMAN 3: Stop. You’re scaring me.

MAN 1: She’s definitely hexed.

MAN 2: We should run her out of town!

MAN 1: Get out of here!

MAN 3: Stay away!

MAN4: She is a bad girl she cursed her mother

ALL: *chants get louder each time* Leave us, cursed one. Leave us cursed one. Leave us cursed one!

Why do you leave me here all alone?
And if you don’t do just as I say
I’ll take you’re wings then you can’t fly away

Manga versionEdit

The manga also has a shorter version of Sun singing a portion of the song by herself. The lyrics are rather darker than the lyrics in the anime.

Manga lyricsEdit

Birdie flew away
Bad birdie
Get in the cage
If you don't listen I'll pull out your feathers