Manga Debut
POP 17: Passing the Magic Exam?!
Anime Debut
Episode 13: Comeback! Save Me! Lollipop
Personal Info.
Ichî (keeper)

Pearl is the familiar that hatches from the Crystal Pearl (the object of the Magical Exam) in the first series. Due to the Crystal Pearl being in Nina Yamada's body for most of the exam, he has a special bond with Nina.

Pearl from mamotte lollipop by cheesepuffllama-d4bnn0s


Pearl often says "ryū", the Japanese word for "dragon". He usually says this at the end of his sentences, and occasionally refers to people as such.

Pearl is rather insecure in regards to his small size and limited pattern, becoming angered whenever someone comments on his small size and wishes to be a large powerful dragon. In order for this to happen, his master would have to be a powerful wizard, and as Nina is human, he is outraged. While Pearl eventually comes to care for Nina, he is not particularly fond of Zero.


At the beginning of the Magical Exam, the Crystal Pearl lands on a cake that twelve-year-old Nina Yamada was eating. She swallows it, thinking that it was a candy. Shortly after that, all the examinees arrive in the human world. Zero and Ichî then found Nina and the three realize that she had swallowed the Crystal Pearl. Unfortunately, the examiners cannot do anything for Nina and the potion to bring out the Crystal Pearl will be available in six months - which is when the exam ends.

Near the end of the exam, Rill appears with the potion that will remove the pearl from Nina's body. She takes the potion, and it comes out. In the end, when Pearl hatches, when Zero mistakes him for his own familiar, he reveals that is in fact Nina's familiar. Will explains that, due to the Crystal Pearl being in Nina's body for so long. Due to Nina being a normal human with no magic whatsoever, Pearl bites her head (in the manga only), and Zero and Ichî are instructed to stay in the Human World for another year to raise Pearl with Nina.


  • Nina names him Pearl since he hatched from the Crystal Pearl.
  • When Zero and Ichî return to the Magic World, they take Pearl with them.
  • Pearl remains in the Magic World for the entirety of the second series, Madotte! Mamotte! Lollipop.
  • When Ichî, Nina, and Zero are adults, Pearl continues to stay with Ichî, despite being Nina's familiar.