Medical Magical
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Medical Magical is a one-shot written by Michiyo Kikuta, that originally was in Nakayoshi Winter Breakland, and was a bonus story in the first Mamotte! Lollipop, manga. It is a story that takes place in the Magical World we hear about in Mamotte! Lollipop.

It about a seventeen-year-old witch, Pure, who dreams of one day becoming a beautiful witch. Although she is seventeen, she looks very young for her age. This story features the examiner, Will, and his animal familiar, Aquamarine. In this story, Will works at a clinic, and he is training Pure to master the art of Medical Magical, a type of Medical treatment.

Throughout the story, Pure refers to Will as Shishô, a Japanese title meaning one who has mastered in a particular art, in this case, Medical Magical. The story is about how Pure must help heal a patient on her own. She is later attacked by Giant Pigs, who try and eat her, Aquamarine, and the grandson of a patient.

Will comes and saves the day, and they find the remedy to the disease. It is revealed that Will, instead of goofing off like we originally think, was looking for a cure to the same disease Pure was trying to cure. We learn Will lied to Pure, so that she would not develop feelings for him, and that Will himself, actually has feelings for Pure.

He kisses Pure while she is unconscious, having caught the disease the patient had, and temporarily transfers his powers to her, making her a beautiful witch. She awakens to see what has happened and is overjoyed, but only to have her hopes crushed when Will tells her it will only last one minute.

The patient and his grandson, who also caught the disease, are later treated healed. The grandson hugs Pure out of gratitude, though it is obvious Will is jealous because of this.

We later are back at the clinic, and Pure demands to know what Will did to make her look older. Will is very nervous, and refuses to tell her, and when Aquamarine reveals she saw it, Will demands her to not tell Pure. Pure tackles Will, landing on top of him, and making him feel very uncomfortable. She kisses Will's cheek, telling him that she now thinks better of him, and Will faints. The story ends with a very concerned Pure wondering why Will just fainted, and Aquamarine thinking to herself, "He's so young."