|image = Itsuki 2

|gender = Female

|age = 11

|magic = Illusion

|manga = POP 19.5: Minus 5 Love

|family = Ichi (father), Rokka (mother), Unnamed Grandfather, Unnamed Grandmother, Unnamed Step-Grandfather, Unnamed Grandfather, Unnamed Grandmother, Sarasa (step-aunt) Jeff (step-uncle-in-law), Jean (step-cousin)


Itsuki has the ability to use Illusion magic, allowing her to turn into what she pleases, though she has not yet mastered this technique. Itsuki has a crush on Rei, the son of Nina and Zero. She is also friends with Mina, Rei's little sister.

Itsuki has a personality very similar to her mother's. She is very energetic and charges full-speed at her goals. She has a lot of persistence, willpower, and guts. Much like her mother, she relentlessly pursues Rei, who she has a crush on. It also appears that she has inherited her father's intelligence and sports skills.


Itsuki finds out that Rei is going to study abroad in the Magical World because he wants to take the magic exam. However, to do so, he needs another wizard to be his partner and there are no other wizards in the Human World. Not wanting Rei to leave, Itsuki declares that she'll be his partner and take the magic exam with him. Rei quickly rejects her and runs away.

Later that evening, Rokka tells Itsuki that she must not give up and win Rei over with her persistence, willpower, and guts.

Cute 1

Rei accepts Itsuki as his partner.

So the next day, Itsuki shows up at Rei's high school again to get him to accept her as his partner. She tries showing him some of her magic and other skills, such as her speed and intelligence, to convince him. Though, Rei only gets angry and tells Itsuki that he hates her because she is taller than him, as well as better than him at sports and school. Itsuki takes Rei to the roof and tells him that they'll fly down together using their magic, and that she trusts that he'll protect her. Itsuki, however, realizes she hasn't learnt Defensive magic yet and falls off of the roof. Rei quickly safes her using his Destruction magic and ends up accepting her as his partner. He tells her: "The magical exam... I'll definitely win it with you..."