Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Episode 1: The Princes Who Fell from the Sky!
Personal Info.
Voice Actor
Japanese Dub
Tomomi Tauchi (田内=友み, Tauchi Tomomi)
English Dub
Kate Oxley

Hatsuka (羽束, Hatsuka) is one of Nina Yamada’s two best friends.


Hatsuka is very upbeat and energetic. When she sees something that she wants, she won’t hesitate to go for it.

Although Hatsuka can be somewhat mischievous, she cares about her friends.


Hatsuka has short, honey-colored hair and periwinkle eyes. She wears the typical school uniform, a blue sailor outfit, and she also wears a pink sweater vest over her uniform.


When talking to Nina about her ideal guy, Hatsuka and Yôka urge Nina to be more realistic, saying that she shouldn’t expect a knight in shining armor to pop out of nowhere.

However, she is ultimately incorrect, seeing as Zero and Ichî come into the picture. She and Yôka begin spending less time outside of school with Nina during the Exam, having no choice since Zero and Ichî are stuck to her like glue. She and Yôka constantly ask Nina about her relationship with Zero and Ichî. When Hatsuka meets , she immediately develops a crush on him. She likes that he is mature and “mysterious”, and goes to great extents to be with him, including rigging a drawing so that she could be paired with Gô during the kimodameshi.

After the Exam, Hatsuka and Yôka start hanging out with Nina again, supporting her and comforting her when Zero doesn’t come back, but she ends up being pushed away when the second Exam starts, though she still remains close friends with Nina.